Fedex is into arranging of project finance, working capital, private placement of Debt, Equity and Foreign Currency Loans.

Fedex is also into structuring and arranging of foreign and domestic collaborations/ Jt. Ventures and financial packages.

The exposure of the core management team to Merchant Banking and long relationship with the Financial markets for over two decades gives Fedex that extra edge in offering services. The vast experience of its Directors and key personnel in Commercial banking especially in Industrial Finance, Foreign Exchange, Merchant Banking and allied Financial Services has been instrumental in its enormous success in this line of activity. The core competence of its directors in the entire gamut of Commercial and Investment Banking has made Fedex a key player in the Financial Services field.

A financial services Company, serving the needs of Industry, in general, offering them services in Management of Initial Public Offering of Equity, Structuring and issue - both public offer and private placement - of Debt instruments, assisting in Listing of Securities in recognized Stock Exchanges in India. One of the key focus areas of FEDEX is in resource planning, structuring of financial requirements and intermediation of Debt for the Corporate sector. Under this, Fedex assists Large and Medium sized Indian Corporates, in project planning, financial structuring, sourcing of debt from Banks/Financial Institutions, arranging Working capital assistance and private placement of Debt Instruments such as Debentures. Fedex is also active in securitization of Debts/ Receivables and arranging Foreign Currency Loans.

Fedex has a couple of Associate Companies, engaged in Finance, Stock Broking etc.

With India emerging as a preferred destination for International Equity Investors especially in the context of a booming stock market triggered by excellent performance of the manufacturing sector and heavy portfolio investments by Foreign Institutional Investors as well as Foreign Direct Investments, the Indian Economy is on the threshold of a " big bang", with double digit GDP Growth and good performance by the manufacturing, banking and service sector. Given this background, FEDEX is anticipating excellent growth opportunities in the Stock Broking business.

FEDEX visualizes immense growth potential in its major lines of activity. The second generation reforms, the booming Economy, Increasing role for the private sector, possible opening up of the Agriculture sector, further removal of Trade barriers, the latent thrust on Infrastructure sector etc. are expected to open up vast opportunities for business in India. The Economy is poised for double digit growth. Governmental controls on most business activities are set to evaporate. The Country has highly talented and trained manpower which is attracting Global giants to set up manufacturing base in India. All these will usher in a period of sustained growth, opening immense opportunities for FEDEX in its core area of business.

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